The Legend Behind the Ultimate Elf

Cathy, THE Ultimate Elf, started her niche 30 beautiful years ago in Seattle where she held floral design classes in her basement and had all the neighbors asking her for decorating tips.  She then moved to Chicago and worked at Phillips Flowers. Her skills in Christmas decorating and interior design fueled her passion to turn her talents into her most satisfying professional role...The Ultimate Elf!

Cue, dear, sweet, daughter Megan (I wonder who wrote this…) who loves the holidays and appreciated the four annual Christmas trees in the home, not including the Easter, Halloween and 4th of July tree…

After graduating from college and working at Walt Disney World and at a flower shop in New York City, Megan decided to go back to her roots and take on the family business.

With Cathy’s eye for detail and Megan’s superior skills in customer service and event design perfection (again...still me writing…) they are excited to work with you and your party!

Ok, enough about us…we want to hear about you!


Fa La La, Indeed!

The Ultimate Elf services the expectations and brings out the imaginations of clients for their homes and companies by the personalized details and an engaging ambiance.  We tailor each event and home's design specifically for our clients so that it is both, beautiful and unique.  The Ultimate Elf will add a story and create a personality to any gathering, event or holiday.